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twitter momentos

Twitter Moments: What are they?

    If you are one of those people who doesn’t miss a thing on social media and you are constantly  updating your accounts, and you are pending everything that is being said, then for sure you have seen a new tab show up in Twitter, which...

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marketing de contenidos

Trends in Content Marketing

  We are already nearly one month into 2017 and you have certainly read on more than one site that this is the year when, if you want to position your brand and make yourself heard, a bet on content marketing is the winning bet.   But, What...

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La importancia del geomarketing

The Importance of GeoMarketing

In today’s environment, the development of a marketing campaign is not only defined by the public we want to reach, but also by themore precise segmentation of their exact physical location.  This is essential to create a roadmap for a successful campaign.   This segmentation can...

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pujar por tu marca en adwords

Should You Bid on Your Brand Using AdWords?

At Internet República we have always recommended a combined SEO and SEM strategy to prevent them functioning like independent silos,- which makes Google the only beneficiary.   Based on the duration and budget for each project, it is better to create a balance, leaning towards either one...

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